A Recovery Month Story

Addiction snuck into Mandy’s life. She had grown up around alcohol being an accepted way to handle pain. When her mother had a faulty surgery that brought opioids into the home, Mandy didn’t hesitate to use them for her own migraines. Pregnancy caused her to back off of the opioids, but the dependence on alcohol continued. Even while in rehab, Mandy didn’t believe she was addicted to substances. However, immediately upon getting out of rehab, she went directly to purchase alcohol. At that point, she recognized the scope of her dependence and realized that she had developed an addiction. After an unsuccessful attempt to take her own life, Mandy made some changes, and with the help of her grandfather, her Lord, and a lot of hard work, she not only began a journey of recovery from addiction–she got her son back as well. This is her story.

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