Brandi began misusing alcohol after her husband’s death in 2015. Within three years, she progressed through a variety of drugs, eventually becoming addicted to heroin. Now, thanks to her own grit, she celebrates Recovery Month, defying the odds.

Brandi was motivated into recovery when she overdosed two days in a row. During the first, her frightened teenaged daughter found her, slumped over on the bathroom toilet. During the second, Brandi’s friend had to use Narcan to save her life. Those events propelled her on a journey of complete grit, as she entered into recovery from heroin without medication or the benefit of detox. Fortunately, Brandi had other supports, including a 12-step program, the love of her daughter, and her own love of music. The program gave her a support system of people who could relate to her struggles. Her daughter inspired her to be the best possible mom. Her love of music gave her an outlet for her emotions.

Today, Brandi has reclaimed her life and stands amazed and continuously inspired by the renewed relationship with her daughter and her grandmother. She has taken the Peer Support training and strives to reach out to others, to let them know that regardless of the path taken, recovery is possible.

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