pain relief


Knowing that opioids are addictive is one thing. Not taking them when you are in pain—that’s more difficult. Fortunately, alternatives to opioids DO exist.

When we brought my tough-as-nails, never-admits-to-pain daughter to the ER with an injured arm, she was in tears. The doctor said she was going to give her a pain-killer—an opioid. Having constantly heard about the dangers of opioids, my (adult) daughter hesitated, then agreed to one dose of codeine that night (though the bill said she received Norco, a different type of opioid).  

They sent her home with a prescription for Norco, which we never picked up. My daughter hated the way she felt on just the one dose. Fortunately for her, the pain was short-term and receded quickly. By alternating acetaminophen (Tylenol) and ibuprofen (Motrin), we were able to manage her pain well.