June 2021


Across the U.S., marijuana use is becoming more common—for medical reasons and for recreational use. However, just as tobacco and alcohol are legal but not necessarily safe, the same is true of marijuana.
Ironically, the recent huge push by the FDA to promote the dangers of vaping has made an impact on our youth—they increasingly associate risk with vaping. But the same is not holding true for marijuana. In the flurry of media publicizing the legalization of marijuana, the messages of its health risks are being lost. As a result, our children think that marijuana is safer than vaping, when in fact neither is good for their health and the future.

We are constantly reminded of the importance of a healthy diet, physical exercise and proper rest. But, what about alcohol consumption? Whether you are competing at an Olympic level, casually exercising, or simply looking to improve your health, alcohol will have an impact. Alcohol negatively impacts performance due to its physical effects on the body and the adverse effects on brain function.  Let’s take a deeper look…

If you or a close loved one has ever dealt with the challenge of seeking sobriety, you know firsthand just how difficult that journey to wellness can be. While the journey isn’t easy, it is always worth it. Because the pathway to wellness can be difficult, we want to give you a few tools that will help you along the way.

Whether you are just getting started or you’re continuing to sustain sobriety and the new lifestyle that comes with it, resilience is going to be your key to success! You might be asking “What is resilience?” For others, you may be in place right now where you’re feeling depleted. This can leave you wondering how you can start building your resilience up again. We have the answers for you!